Study Spanish and get to know another culture.

A school with social responsibility and sustainable tourism

In each of our schools, we have social responsibility programs. Nueva Lengua sponsor social responsibility and sustainable tourism activities that support the improvement of our communities. Together with our students we build and propose actions that help create changes for the most vulnerable groups. We believe that, as a bridge between cultures, we have a great responsibility to society and nature.

Commitment to our students: offer a service that exceeds your expectations. To do this, we constantly work so that our students learn the language in an effective, enjoyable and fun way. When it comes to activities outside of class, we want to provide an experience that is spiritually, socially and culturally enriching.

Commitment to our team: provide job stability, training, and personal and professional development programs. We seek a pleasant and flexible work environment that fosters a balance between work, family and free time.

Commitment to our allies: develop long-term mutually beneficial and business expansion policies.

Commitment to our community: dedicate part of our income to support the well-being of those who need it most in the cities where we are; encourage our students to join our goals by offering options to combine their Spanish classes with volunteer work; organize monthly activities in the community kitchens for the elderly and children, so that students and employees of Nueva Lengua they collaborate in different tasks.