-After having lived in different countries of the world and having traveled to many countries, I decided to return to Colombia and start a business that would allow me to promote Colombia abroad, do something for my country and make friends from different countries of the world.

-I like to make exploration trips that involve cultural, ecological and social components. I have tried to reflect this in the school by creating programs that allow us to get to know Colombia from the language, the contemplation of nature, enjoy gastronomy, music, dance, social work and most importantly, the kindness and goodness of the people. from Colombia.

-I believe that all of us who love to travel do so because we are looking for happiness, and our trips reflect a deeper journey that is the inner journey and the search for oneself and happiness. In the photo I appear with my wife and my four children because they represent that most intense journey that has led me to find love in my family and that today are the most important thing for me.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Industrial Engineer, Msc Tourism Planning and Management.

-I like it Nueva Lengua pTo be an innovative, transparent, supportive company and committed to the development of its customers, employees, suppliers and the country.

-I like the cecological aminatas, historical novels and people.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Master in linguistics applied to teaching Spanish.

-I like to work in Nueva Lengua because there is a good working environment and because I have the opportunity to meet people from many countries.

-My hobbies are reading, watching movies and seeing new places.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Degree in Humanities and Spanish language.

-Be a Spanish teacher at Nueva Lengua It is a very satisfying experience that allows you to share not only a learning space, but to build unique moments of life with each of your classmates and students, a place to build a family, good friendships and learn.

-My favorite pastime is hiking; walk through the mountains of my city and see how beautiful it is. Ah! and eat a lot of macadamia ice cream.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-I love working in Nueva Lengua because I feel that I can serve people to get to know our culture better.

-I am a sociable person who loves to meet new people and cultures. I love the fruits of my country and its gastronomy in general.

-I am a lover of 2-wheel motorcycles and bicycles, I really enjoy when I can practice sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming or cycling.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Bachelor in Spanish and Languages ​​National Pedagogical University.

-I like to work in Nueva Lengua, because it gives me great satisfaction when I transmit my knowledge to students from all over the world and see how they begin to speak or improve their Spanish while interacting in our culture. It is also very enriching to share their cultures and points of view.

-In my spare time I like to ride my bike and visit the parks near my residence.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Business Administration.

-Nueva Lengua It has allowed me to achieve what I had dreamed of and this is meeting international friends, guiding them and showing them the beauty of my Colombia, my country and my people, in addition to the food and idiosyncrasies. All this added to a work with social responsibility and volunteering.

-I like vHang out, get to know new places to recommend, have a good coffee, as well as meet friends.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Graduate in Modern Languages.

-I love the atmosphere of the institution, the positive attitude of my co-workers, the students and in general the mixture of so many cultures. Having students who arrive without knowing anything about the Spanish language and when they leave, seeing how they can already communicate clearly fills me with great satisfaction.

-I love traveling and getting to know different cultures; I really enjoy dancing and singing, I don't sing well but I'm happy when I do.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-I like it Nueva Lengua because the work environment is pleasant, there is multicultural exchange.

-I like the dsport and nature.

Study Spanish Bogotá



-Accounting Assistant Technician.

- Nueva Lengua because I can interact with many people of different nationalities, every day I have the opportunity to learn something new for my life, the work environment is very pleasant and I have had the privilege of meeting people who more than being my co-workers have become great friendships, also through the cultural activities and tours offered by the school I have been able to visit beautiful places and learn about their history as well as their culture.

-My hobbies are vhang out, paint, go out with my family and friends, walk with my pets, watch movies, sing, dance.


Study Spanish Cartagena



-I came to this world to be happy, that's why I enjoy every moment that life gives me; which is why I love my job as a teacher of Spanish, literature and history. For me, a day that I don't read is a wasted day, I have already lost count of how many books I have read.

-Another of my passions is traveling. I don't have money, but I am rich in life experiences, thanks to the trips I have made traveling through my country and abroad.

Study Spanish Cartagena



-Meeting people from other countries and learning about their life experiences and making friendships that remain engraved in the heart has been one of the most pleasant things that I have lived and this thanks to Nueva Lengua, that's why I like to work there.

-In my free time I love to sing, listen to music and spend time with my family. I am fond of motorcycles and airplanes.

Study Spanish Cartagena



-One of the things I enjoy the most about working at Nueva Lengua It is because I love teaching Spanish and of course meeting wonderful people to be able to share our cultures.

-I am a woman in love with life, I feel very proud to live in Cartagena because I like to walk through its fantastic streets, through its walls, see and contemplate the beautiful sunsets.

Study Spanish Cartagena



-I like to work in Nueva Lengua because more than a company it is a family, the work environment is spectacular. Working here has helped me find national and foreign friends. Not only is a language taught, strong bonds are created, you also learn from the students and with so many students from different places, it is as if you are constantly traveling.

-I like to read, listen to music and as a good Latina I love salsa. But my greatest passion is traveling, I love it.

Study Spanish Cartagena



-I like to work in Nueva Lengua because I feel like in my family, the work environment is very good, more than my colleagues they are great friends.

-I like to go to the movies, to the beach, to serve others and one of my great passions is cooking.


Study Spanish Medellín



-Philology and languages.

-I love working in Nueva Lengua because I feel that it is my home where many people from the world visit me. Here I can get to know many cultures with which I can share and show them that Colombia is much prettier than that old stereotype of drugs and violence.

-I like mRide a bike, play soccer, go to the stadium and listen to rock.

Study Spanish Medellín

Angelica Arrieta Herrera


-Dances and Colombian folklore.

-Work in Nueva Lengua eIt is the opportunity to work on what I am most passionate about, which is dance, and to teach visitors who want to have that beautiful dance experience part of my culture.

-I love bailar and travel.

Study Spanish Medellín



-Professional in Music.

-I like to work in Nueva Lengua por their family environment, flexibility and the possibility of proposing and assuming challenges that contribute to the effective development, in terms of time and content, of the professional personality.

-I love cine, music, playing volleyball and video games.

Study Spanish Medellín



-I like to work in Nueva Lengua because the work environment is very good and the income is important for my family. I work in the neighborhood where the school has been for more than 25 years.

-I adore yougo for a walk, eat and ride a motorcycle.



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