Cultural Activities, Adventure, Fun, Sport, Friendship in Guaduas

On our trip to Guaduas you will be able to enjoy various cultural and sports activities. Here are some of the activities we organize for our students.

Spanish Immersion Weekend

Live an experience full of adventures and the best, learning Spanish.


The rafting takes place in the Rio Negro canyon, a canyon located in the Andes mountain range and known for its great biodiversity. During this activity you will enjoy an extreme adventure in the middle of nature full of adrenaline.

Coffee Farm

Here you can get to know one of the most representative crops of Colombia. You will see and experience the entire process of sowing, collecting and processing the best coffee in the world. At the end you can taste a delicious cup of coffee.

Guaduas Guided Tour

Guaduas is one of the heritage towns of Colombia and was one of the most important towns in the country in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Here, in the company of a guide, you will take a tour of its streets that will bring you closer to the history of the colonial viceroyalty.

Jump of versailles

This waterfall is one of the most important in Colombia and the cradle of the famous Panche indigenous legend. The Salto de Versailles, 40 meters high, provides a unique landscape, where you can relax with the sound of the water combined with the permanent song of the birds.

Capira Stone

It is a walk through nature, of easy demand, where during the tour you can see various species of birds and butterflies, plants and flowers, part of this route is done through the well-known Camino Real until reaching the magnificent viewpoint, La Piedra Capira ; from said stone you will have the opportunity to observe the valley of the Magdalena river and the Ruiz snow-capped mountains.

Camino Real

Road built by the Spanish crown in the XNUMXth century, which goes from Honda to Bogotá, in this activity you will walk along part of this very important royal road, immersing yourself again in Colombian history.

Visit Market Square

The market square or also known as the popular market in other regions, is one of the places where you will live the greatest experience with direct contact with the locals, you will practice your Spanish in a natural way and you will taste delicious typical fruits of the region, you can also walk and buy quietly within said market, as its size is perfect for such a cultural activity.

Visit Honda

45 minutes by land from Guaduas, we will arrive in Honda, another beautiful Colombian heritage town, also known as the "city of bridges."


Located 1 hour 30 minutes by land from Guaduas, we find the town of Falan, known in the 1700s as Rosario de las Lajas. On the outskirts of the town, the lost city of Falan stands mysteriously in the jungle and stopped in time, which are walls, columns, tunnels and ruins of the old mining citadel, designed by Don Jose Celestino Mutis to extract gold and finance the botanical expedition.

Visit to Ambalema

It is located 2 hours and 30 minutes from Guaduas, on the banks of the Magdalena River. Ambalema is a national historical monument due to its architectural heritage. The city was extremely rich thanks to the tobacco boom, mainly exploited by the Spanish and English. In Ambalema they finished the first telegraph and the first bank in the country.

Visit to Armero

It is located 1 hour and 30 minutes from Guaduas, Armero was the second most important city in Tolima and had 50.000 inhabitants, when the tragedy occurred in which around 25.000 people died; the eruption of the Nevado de Ruiz volcano in 1985.