(BU) Bildungsurlaub Englisch
Cities: Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellín
Intensity: According to the program approved by each German state.
Schedule: All day from 8 am.
Activities and services included: → 2 hours of group dance class.
→ 1 hour of cooking class.
→ Every day of class cultural or social activities
→ Twice a month work visit to the social project of the school in the city.
→ Guide material for class.
Start: Every Monday. The weeks of holiday Monday the course starts on Tuesdays
Others: You can take this course in several cities and thus study and get to know Colombia and its culture.
Value and


The weekly value of the course decreases depending on the number of weeks you study. (Price list)


Bildungsurlaub Englisch

It is possible to study Spanish Bildungsurlaub with Nueva Lengua.

Our courses are approved in various German states for employees to receive the benefits of the German educational vacation law. (Bildungsurlaubgesetz).

Nueva lengua Colombia currently has recognition for Bildungsurlaub Spanisch courses in Berlin and Rheinland-Pfalz for courses in Bogotá, Cartagena or Medellín. Hessen and Saarland accept recognition from Berlin. If you are from another state and are interested in a Bildungsurlaub Spanisch course in Colombia, please contact us at least 15 weeks in advance to evaluate if we can offer you a course.