Accommodation policies in a host family home or in the student residence

Thank you for taking an interest in living the experience of sharing family life with a person from another culture through Nueva Lengua. This is a beneficial opportunity to build relationships and learn from another culture. Although there is a value in money this cannot be the main motivator of this experience.

Here are some important points:

Regarding the host family:

  • The family must be composed of at least two people. It is essential that spaces are created to share, talk and get to know each other.
  • The family must have a ventilated room with sufficient lighting and comfortable for the guest to store their personal belongings and be as comfortable as possible.
  • The guest must have access to all social areas of the house; living room, dining room, kitchen and study if it exists like all the members of the family.
  • The family must have free internet service.
  • It is important that the guest can have access to the fridge (juices, water, etc.).
  • The student can use the laundry area of ​​the house twice a week. Or give the employee in charge her clothes at least once a week, according to the custom in the family.
  • Sheets and towels must be changed at least every 15 days.
  • Balanced breakfast and dinner should be provided, promoting as far as possible an accompaniment to the guest within a family environment, if the guest leaves the house for any reason, their food should be stored in the refrigerator and it should be made easier for them to heat their food when they arrive.

Other recommendations:

  • Doing business or soliciting loans, donations between the host family and guests is prohibited.
  • If the guest wishes to prolong their accommodation in the house, it is essential to contact the school in advance in order to organize the payments.
  • If the student will not stay with the family for a week, they must notify the school in advance to inform the family and not pay for accommodation on those days.
  • The family will provide a set of keys and instructions to keep the house safe.

Regarding the student.

  • The student comes to live as a member of the family and for this reason must abide by the rules of coexistence of the family.
  • The student is not allowed to bring guests to the room or to the house. She can't hold parties or social events either.