(PADI) PADI certification course. Open water diving
Cities: Cartagena
Intensity: Practical sessions in the pool and 4 dives in the Rosario Islands
Schedule: It is necessary to have at least 2 weeks to be certified
Includes: → Theoretical sessions
→ Practice sessions in the pool
→ Diving equipment.
→ 4 open water dives (Rosario Islands).
→ Transportation and tickets to the Rosario Islands National Park
Others: (Price list)


Spanish and Diving Course in Cartagena, Colombia (PADI Certification)

Available in: Cartagena

This course combines our Intensive Spanish Course in the mornings, with the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean by taking diving classes in the afternoon. The duration of this course is two weeks. The Diving Center is GOLD PALM RESORT DE PADI, which has the highest category delivered to diving centers around the world thanks to the equipment used, the air quality, the necessary safety elements, but above all by the people who participates in the teaching process. You can enjoy Both of you cultural activities free per week if they accommodate your sports practice schedules.

General objectives of the course:

  • Students will improve their speaking, listening, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

  • Students will gain valuable cultural experiences to appreciate and understand the city and its people.

  • Students will have the opportunity to explore the tropical waters of the Caribbean and receive diving lessons from the best diving center in the city.

Objectives of the PADI Diving and Certification course:

  • The course has been designed to certify independent divers.

  • The purpose of the independent open water diving course is to provide students with the knowledge necessary for their effective and safe performance at the time of immersion.

  • Train students to dive independently.

Course features:

  • Theoretical sessions conducted under the self-motivating methodology of the PADI course. Classes are preferably taught in Spanish, but if necessary, it will be explained in English.

  • Two practical sessions in a pool, each lasting approximately two hours.

  • Transportation to Rosario Islands.

  • All the basic equipment for diving.

  • Four open water immersion sessions (Rosario Islands).

  • Accident insurance during the dive time.