Cultural Activities, Adventure, Fun, Sport, Friendship in Cartagena

Cartagena is known as a paradise in Latin America where ocean breezes, warm weather, and colonial architecture will stimulate your senses. Nueva Lengua takes advantage of this to give students unique activities in and around the city. In addition, it has a wide variety of water sports for beginners and experts. Here are some of the options we have for students to have fun activities to test their new language skills in real life.

This city was the main shipping port for the gold collected by the Spanish throughout the South American continent. Historically, Cartagena was one of the main ports for the slave trade in South America. Today students can visit the beautiful church of San Pedro Claver, a famous slave of the slaves who lived here.

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Masterchef Nueva Lengua

Here you can learn how to prepare traditional Colombian meals. Then you can surprise your family and friends when you are back home.

Dance Dance

It is a space where you will learn the tropical rhythms of salsa, merengue, vallenato and bachata. With this learning you will be able to enjoy the Colombian nightlife much better.

Totumo Volcano: Spa in a mud bath

"El Totumo" is a mud volcano approximately 15 meters high. There you can take a break from your Spanish classes and enjoy a relaxing mud bath. The inhabitants of this area believe that a bath here provides some health benefits.  See more photos on Facebook!

The party of Getsemaní: Music and integration.

The youth band "November 25" comes to Cartagena once a month to brighten the night of the students of Nueva Lengua, and also of the entire community of the Getsemaní neighborhood. It is a night full of flavor and tradition.

Islas del Rosario: An encounter with the Caribbean.

These islands near Cartagena are widely known for their excellent beaches and incredible coral reefs. Students can choose between diving or snorkeling classes to learn about the impressive marine life that is protected in the national park. Additionally, our professor is a professional biologist who offers us extensive explanations about the wonders of this unique ecosystem. Learn more about this beautiful natural park!

Bicitour through the Historic Center of Cartagena

During an afternoon we take a tour of the city by bicycle. We visit the places of greatest historical and cultural attraction, we also go to the beach so you can enjoy the sunset while pedaling.

Mangroves: A fresh and natural hug

With this trip you will take a tour through the natural tunnels of the mangrove in a native canoe with the guidance of a captain from “La Boquilla”. You will have a great natural experience with your companions.

Kayak and Paddle board

This is a sport that features a small boat that is propelled by means of a double blade paddle. With this activity you can enjoy a great activity with your friends while you enjoy the natural landscape.

La popa convent and 360 ° panoramic view of Cartagena

When you arrive in Cartagena, you see the Cerro de la Popa. There you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and you will find a convent admired for having resisted attacks and bombings in the past.

Galerazamba: A historical and colorful adventure.

You will visit the ghost town of Galerazamba and the salt mines of the region. It is a beautiful opportunity to get to know other beaches while visiting a historical area of ​​the Department of Bolívar.

Rafael Nuñez House Museum: A journey to the 19th century

Rafael Núñez, who was president of Colombia four times, lived and died in this headquarters. This museum aims to preserve and propagate the historical legacy of the changes that this president produced, and seeks to generate a memory through collective dialogue with visitors.

Castillo San Felipe: An Architectural Wonder

EIt is a fortress strategically located on the Cerro de San Lázaro to dominate the approaches of the city by sea. It was built by the Spanish during the colonization. This trip is a great opportunity to learn more about Colombian history and to have a good time with your friends.

Afternoon for everyone: Volunteering with the children of the Getsemaní neighborhood

If you are interested in community service and helping those in need, we give you four options for working with communities:

  • Asylum "San Jose": It is a home for the elderly who have no immediate family. They need help from Doctors, Psychologists, Administrators (to run the foundation), and anyone who wants to hear and learn from their stories. We go to visit them once a month.

  • The children of Gethsemane: The children of the Getsemaní neighborhood (which is very close to the Nueva Lengua) come to our headquarters every Thursday to learn an hour of English, and an hour of other subjects (art, mathematics, geography, music ...).

  • funlive: is a medical center for children with cancer. Here we carry out our Spanish and Volunteer program.

  • In February we do a fundraiser to buy supplies for the children who visit the school on Thursdays. In December we also do it, but to buy her Christmas gifts.

Bowling: Afternoon of game and fellowship

It is a great opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of bowling, good food and lots of fun with your companions.

Soccer afternoon with NL Team

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and we continually organize soccer 5 matches with our students where men and women of different nationalities enjoy this popular and beautiful game.

Caribbean Relaxation on a Beach Afternoon

One of the activities you can do with us on a sunny day is to visit the beach. We will sunbathe and enjoy the sea, later we will share a typical Caribbean lunch.

Fun and music at Rumba in Chiva

La Chiva is a traditional means of transport that today is in use by some peasants. In big cities it is customary to take a chiva party tour around the city, where attendees can dance and enjoy popular and traditional music on these colorful buses. See more photos on Facebook!

Naval Museum: Historical and pirate navigation through Colombia.

In this opportunity you will be able to learn about four hundred years of naval, cultural and maritime history of Cartagena, Colombia and the Caribbean. This is the only naval museum in Colombia and you can come with your friends and enjoy a historic afternoon.

Museo Del Oro Zenú: A pre-Columbian, archaeological and goldsmith tour.

At the Zenú del Oro Museum you can learn about the history, development and extraordinary legacy of the goldsmiths who lived in this plain long ago: the Zenúes. It is a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary in Spanish while enjoying this cultural activity.

San Pedro Claver Museum: An honor to the protector and defender of slaves.

The house where this saint lived and died is now a place of silence and meditation. Here you can find a set of pre-Columbian ceramics and a large collection of religious art (paintings, sculptures and objects), made by American and Spanish artists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. You can also visit a magnificent Baroque church built by German and Dutch architects, where the relics of this great saint are preserved.

Walking tour through the Historic Center

Through this walk you will be able to appreciate the forts, bastions, walls, streets, squares and churches of a Cartagena that was built in the colonial style in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Guillermo Piñeres Botanical Garden: Natural connection and life

This time you will be able to enjoy one of the most important ecological attractions in the region, with a sample of more than 300 plants from the Colombian Caribbean, and one of the few virgin native forests in the territory. You will be able to enjoy a spring water source that runs inside the forest. You will learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the Caribbean.

Cultural, Linguistic and Natural Immersion.

Colombia is a special place due to its geographical location and offers a wide variety of parks with a unique natural and archaeological diversity. Nueva lengua makes it a priority to offer our students the opportunity to get away from the city and appreciate the beauty that is home to more than 45 million people.  See more photos on Facebook!

Special Celebrations

Every year in Nueva Lengua We carry out several celebrations: Spanish Language Day, Colombian Day, Love and Friendship, Witches' Day, Christmas, birthdays. Each activity has a specific purpose to practice the language, integrate our students, or learn more about the Colombian culture.

Bingo contests, movies, karaoke, parties to dance salsa, merengue or vallenato 

Our school offers a wide variety of activities to have fun, meet your classmates and learn Spanish.  See more photos on Facebook!