Cultural Activities, Adventure, Fun, Sport, Friendship in Bogotá

The capital city of Colombia has a lot to offer. Here are some of the activities we organize for our students.

 Canoeing (Rafting)

Canoeing is practiced in the Río Negro, a place near Bogotá, ideal for its warm climate and beautiful landscapes to live a day of adventure. Our students in canoeing.


Once a month after Spanish classes with our students, we hold a gastronomic sample where each of the students prepares a typical dish from their country, thus achieving a good time with friends and cultural exchange.

Asado Llanero

The eastern plains is a region with incredible landscapes and unique traditions, such as the typical llanero barbecue accompanied by the traditional dance known as joropo.

Football Campín

In Colombia we feel a great passion for soccer, as in many other countries. That is why we take our students to enjoy games at the Nemesio Camacho · El Campín Stadium ”, in the city of Bogotá.


Boleros are romantic songs that liven up social gatherings. On Nueva Lengua, we showed our students the different musical traditions, among them, a sample of boleros.

Visit to the Gold Museum

The museum houses the largest collection of pre-Hispanic goldsmiths in the world. You will find representative samples of Colombian indigenous cultures.   Visit the official website of the gold museum  y  Our students at the Gold Museum in Bogotá.

Visit to the enchanted lagoon of Guatavita

This beautiful lagoon is located on the outskirts of Bogotá in the Andes mountain range. The legend of El Dorado was born in this lagoon. Name given by the Spanish, English and German explorers to the place where the natives offered gold to their gods.    Our students in the Guatavita Lagoon.

Tour of the historic center of Bogotá

Bogotá is the cultural epicenter of the country, where students can take a tour to learn a little more about Colombian culture through its architecture, museums, among others.

The salt cathedral in Zipaquirá

One of the architectural wonders of Colombia is 200 meters underground. A Catholic cathedral built by the miners.  Our students at the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.

 Horseback riding in the mountains

Riding a horse with your group of school friends through the mountains near Bogotá is a different way to contemplate the beauty of the landscape and a great opportunity to have fun. Our students on horseback.

 City bike tour

Join the thousands of locals who cycle through the city on one of our city or bike tours. On Sundays, about two million people enjoy 120 kilometers of streets for recreation and sports.  Our students by bicycle.

"Party in chiva"

La Chiva is a traditional means of transport used in the countryside. We will party around the city in one of these colorful buses where you can dance and enjoy popular and traditional music.  Our students partying in chiva in Bogotá.

Football 5

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and we continually organize soccer 5 matches with our students where men and women of different nationalities enjoy this popular and beautiful game.

Hot springs

Very close to Bogotá there is an ideal place of relaxation to enjoy nature and a pleasant bath in hot springs. These warm and natural waters have healing properties. Join us and live this unique experience with us.

Choachí waterfalls

An exclusive landscape of the moors accompanied by a beautiful green and a cloud forest will lead us through a canyon to a magical place surrounded by nature and one of the highest waterfall in the country. This is a walk of approximately 2 hours. We will also share a snack in the house of some farmers in the region who will not give a small sample of the typical food of this area.


This is a very typical Colombian sport and a clear example of popular culture. This game consists of introducing a steel disk inside a metallic circle that has small explosives around it (wicks). The idea of ​​the game is to make teams and the one who manages to explode the most fuses is the winner. It is very common to accompany this game with a cold and delicious beer.


In this activity you can bring out the singer in you! Shakira? Juanes? Take the risk to sing a song in Spanish. If you don't know which song is going to make you famous, don't worry because there is an extensive repertoire of songs of all genres. And so you don't lose track, we have a professional video system that allows participants to view song lyrics from any location.

Excursions to other archaeological parks in Colombia

Colombia is a special place due to its geographical location and offers a wide variety of parks with a unique natural and archaeological diversity. Nueva lengua makes it a priority to offer our students the opportunity to get away from the city and appreciate the beauty that is home to more than 45 million people.  See more photos on Facebook

Special Celebrations

As culture and language always go hand in hand, special celebrations also take place in Nueva lengua and you will be an important part in each of them: Language Day, Love and Friendship Day, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, among others.

Cinema Forum

Come to the forum cinema, an activity where you can perceive reality from various areas and get closer to cultural diversity. In addition, you will be able to express your opinion in a guided discussion, a question panel, among others.

Social Work

If you are interested in serving the local community and helping those most in need, you can carry out work in direct contact with less favored groups. Helping in a community soup kitchen is a job we do once a month. We invite all students to participate in this beautiful work.