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bookiconDIE Diploma Internacional de Español

       (International Spanish Diploma) 

         Available in: Bogotá and Cartagena                                        

centro examinador die


The DIE is a diploma certifying the degree of proficiency in Spanish and is designed to measure the candidate's ability to communicate. It has the academic recognition of The Pontifical University of Salamanca. The contents of each exam level have been developed according to the European Framework for learning, teaching and assessment of languages.

DIE tests correspond to the real and correct use of Spanish, contemplating all variants, using different accents and expressions as used in different Spanish speaking countries.

 Nueva Lengua Spanish School is an examination centre accredited by FIDESCU (Foundation for Research and Development of Spanish Culture) which, under the protectorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, has the mission to promote Hispanic culture on an international level placing emphasis on the different aspects of the Spanish language.



checkmarkAnyone with any level of Spanish proficiency may take the examinations.

checkmarkThe verbal examinations are flexible in that the candidate has the opportunity to select the topics for the verbal examination according to his interests.

checkmarkCandidates are not required to test for every level in the progression towards the 10th level. Instead, they may test in the level most appropriate to their knowledge of Spanish at the time of the examination.

checkmarkIt is possible to choose different levels for the written and oral examinations, based on the candidate's level of Spanish proficiency in each area.

checkmarkExams are conducted throughout the year.



checkmarkThe diploma is offered in different areas of proficiency:

  • Ten verbal levels are covered in five stages of competence: elemental, básico, intermedio, avanzado and superior (each of these stages includes two levels).
  • Five written levels: elemental, básico, intermedio, avanzado and superior. Four levels of specialisation: Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, gastronomy, tourism and health.Students will improve their Spanish listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


checkmarkThe test has a total of 100 points, with the following conditions:

  • In order to pass the test, candidates must attain a score of 65% of the total points.
  • When the candidate attains a score of 85% or more, they will receive a pass with distinction (Diploma con distinción). The minimum score in each area of proficiency must be achieved in order to pass the exam.
  • The written and oral sections are considered two different tests and may be taken together or individually. A certificate will only be awarded for each section that has been completed.

International Spanish Diploma DIE