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Spanish course in a socially responsible school in Colombia


The mission of Nueva Lengua is to teach Spanish as a second language and provide a cultural understanding of the country to visitors from other nations.  We believe that as a bridge between cultures, we have a responsibility with our society:   


To Our Students: We offer our services with the goal of exceeding the expectations we would have if we were students ourselves. We hope that those enrolled with us learn in a way that is effective, efficient, and engaging.  In both our courses and activities outside of classes, we work to provide an experience that is spiritually, socially, and culturally beneficial.

To Our Team: Those employed with Nueva Lengua have economic stability and are offered continuous professional training. Our flexible working environment encourages everyone to maintain a healthy balance between work, family, and leisure time.  Our company philosophy values and protects the personal time of our employees and offers a friendly environment for our employee’s families.


To Our Allies: We develop mutually beneficial policies and continue to expand our business associations. 

To Our Community: Working in every city where our schools are, dedicating a portion of our earnings to support the welfare of those most in need.  We encourage our students to join us in our goals.  We offer many opportunities to combine studies with volunteer work at charitable organizations. Additionally, each month we plan cultural activities visiting a geriatric center and a children’s support institution, in which both, students and employees, give support to do different activities there.