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With around three million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, this beautiful town with a nice warm climate is located in a deep valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. This is why Medellín has been called “the mountain’s capital” and “the city of eternal spring”.

Medellín is a vibrant, vital city going through a dynamic stage of development with very active commercial, industrial, cultural, religious, social and sports activities. This is the ideal town for shopping. A large amount of malls offer an astounding variety of domestic and imported goods. The city also has a network of clinics and research centers which are currently leaders in scientific breakthroughs as far as organ transplants and aesthetic surgery are concerned.

Gardeners per nature, the “antioqueños” have converted the place into a beautiful array of botanical gardens. Taking a tour of the city on foot is a real pleasure as Medellín is a medium-size town where key sites are close to each other, easily linked by the city’s bus and Metro integrated systems.

Palaces, train stations, cathedrals, country houses and public buildings still preserve the republican architectural design of the “Belle Epoque” in several places of the city, where you can also appreciate new-concept architectural samples such as the Metropolitan Theater, the José María Córdoba Airport and the intelligent building of Empresas de Medellín.

The Museum of Antioquia hosts the most complete painting and sculpture collections by Fernando Botero, the well known Colombian artist. The museum-house of Pedro Nel Gómez exhibits over a thousand works by this painter who depicted, in the best style of Mexican muralists, the “antioqueño” people’s epic. The interesting collections of the Modern and “El Castillo” museums are also worth mentioning.

In January of every year, the seasonal bullfighting festival takes place; in April and May you can find the international orchid exhibition; in August, a well-rated fine horse exhibit; in June the “tango” festival and in September, an “haute couture” fashion show: Colombiamoda.


Nueva Lengua School has its doors open for you in Medellín. There, you can find not only our spanish courses, but also dormitories and a lot of cultural activities and fun experiences. Our goal is that you enjoy your stay in Colombia. 


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