Nueva Lengua Spanish School in Colombia.

The Nueva Lengua Spanish School in Colombia offers Spanish classes in Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin and in a natural reserve close to Guaduas.
If you are looking for Spanish classes in a cozy and pleasant school, with professional teachers, if you want to study Spanish and travel making new friends while you learn and enjoy culture, music, gastronomy, museums and nature walks; then the Nueva Lengua Spanish School in Colombia is for you.
Nueva Lengua is recognized internationally for its quality and service since 2003. Teenagers and adults from almost a hundred countries have studied with us. We have a large variety of classes starting every week.



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Studying Spanish in Bogota is perfect if you want to study in a large city with a vibrant cultural life. Bogota has hundreds of restaurants, museums, theaters, universities and bars. Thousands of people move around on bicycles enjoying the mild weather that is present all year around, since Bogota is in a tropical zone but in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 2,660 m (8,727 ft).

The Nueva Lengua Spanish School in Bogota is located in the traditional neighborhood of Quinta Camacho in Chapinero, inside an old English-style house that is part of the city’s architectural heritage. From the school, you can walk to the zones G or T. The Candelaria neighborhood is just 4 stops away using the Transmilenio.

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If you like the summer, the history, the beach, you’ll love to study Spanish in Cartagena; a city with a history of pirates, Latin music, in the middle of a Caribbean environment. Cartagena has one of the most beautiful historic center of the world, that’s why it has the status of World Cultural Heritage Site (UNESCO).

The Rosario islands national park and the Baru Island are truly natural treasures and are perfect to dive and enjoy the beach.
The Spanish school in Cartagena is located in the historic center, in the Getsemani neighborhood, close to the famous Trinidad place and the clock tower. The school has a few beautiful terraces to admire the bay, the old city and the sunsets.

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Travelers from around the world agree on naming Medellin the friendliest city of Colombia, with its working people, merchants and very entrepreneurial. The weather of the city is fantastic, springlike all year around. The city has won international awards in urban architecture and innovation.

Our Spanish school in Medellin is located in El Poblado, a well-known and very attractive neighborhood in the city. The house is located in a quiet zone, surrounded by nature and features a beautiful backyard with a pool.

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Guaduas is one of the heritage towns of Colombia for its historic and architectural wealth. The surrounding nature is spectacular and the perfect weather all year around. Guaduas is located in the coffee triangle of Colombia with many opportunities to practice adventure sports, excursions or walks.

The school is located in the Salto de Versalles Natural Reserve, a spectacular area where we take care of the environment and carry out social projects with farmers.

Volunteering and Nature in Colombia (More information).

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Total immersion, volunteering and nature in Guaduas.

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