Cultural Activities in Medellin
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Cultural Activities in Medellin
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Medellín is a city with a very active and cultural life. Here you can have a look to all the opportunities we offer so you can enjoy your stay.




Dancing lessons: 

A space where you can learn not only our tropical rhythms of merengue, salsa, vallenato and bachata. This will help you enjoy the colombian nightlife truly.

baile_med_paint baile_1


Cooking lessons:

Here you will learn how to cook the traditional dishes of our country.Then, you will be able to astonish your friends and family back home with our tropical flavours.

cocina cocina_med_paint cocina_carta_2

Comuna 13: 

Where the real Medellin take place. Here you will see another kind of neighborhoods with a local guide and understand the city transformation.

paint_comuna_4 paint_comuna_2 paint_teleferico

Arvi Park: 

Fantastic place to visit by cable car. You can make a walk for 1 hour 30 minutes in the park and find birds, nature and a little river.

arvi Cables_paint paint_Park

Graffiti tour: 

It’s an opportunity of knowing the street-art culture in Medellin and see the expressions of the city.

graff_1 graff_2_paint graff_3__paint

Fruit Market: 

with this tour you can taste de 1001 colombian’s tropical flavours.

fruta frutas frutas_med_paint

Pueblito Paisa: 

 you can travel through time and visit a typical town from Antioquia as it was in the beginning of the 20th century.

paint_PueblitoPaisa paint_MEDE_1 med._2

Museo de Antioquia: 

here you can find beautiful artworks of two of the most recognized colombian artists: Fernando Botero and Pedro Nel Gómez. It was the first museum established in Antioquia and the second one in Colombia.

med._6 medallo_4 paint_BoterosArt 

Rock climbing and Paragliding

A nice opportunity for practicing sports while enjoying the nature and the Colombian landscapes.


parap_4 para_5 parap


Santa Fe de Antioquia: 

it’s a national monument due to the beautiful colonial architecture. It has 8 churches and a lot of houses from the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. 

santafe2paint santafe4_paint Santafe1paint

Castle and historic center walking tour: 

it’s an opportunity for knowing part of the history and tales of the city.


med._1  paint_Metropolitanchurch  med._4

Guatape – El peñol: 

here you can climb 740 stairs and conquer a stone monolith of 721 feet tall.


IMG589  peol_1  IMG591


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