Cartagena Cultural Activities
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Cartagena Cultural Activities  

Cartagena is well known as a Latin American paradise where breezes off the ocean, warm climate, and colonial architecture will engage the senses.  Nueva Lengua takes advantage of this to provide students not only with unique activities in and around the city, but a wide diversity of water sports for beginners and experts alike.  Below are just a few of the options to get students out of the classroom with fun activities designed to put your new language skills to use! 


Activities vary each week and by school, please contact us if you have specific questions related to cultural activities.




Dancing lessons:

a space where you can learn our tropical rhythms of merengue, salsa, vallenato and bachata. This will help you enjoy the colombian nightlife truly.

baile_carta1 baile_carta_2 baile_carta


Cooking lessons:

Here you will learn how to cook the traditional dishes of our country.Then, you will be able to astonish your friends and family back home with our tropical flavours.

comida_2 comida_cartag comida_cartag_2


Special celebrations:

In Nueva Lengua we celebrate the annual special occasions: the Spanish Language Day, the Independence Day (20th of July), Halloween, Christmas, birthdays. Each activity has a specific purpose to practice the language, integrate our students, or learn more about the Colombian culture.

actividades_celebracion Celebracion_Cartagena_3 Celebracion_Cartagena_4


Botanical Garden:

In this opportunity you can enjoy one of the most important ecological attractions that counts with a sample of more than 300 plants from the colombian caribbean, and one of the few virgin native forests in the region. You can delight yourself in a source of spring water that runs inside the forest. You will learn a lot about the fauna and flora of the caribbean.

j._bota jardin_bot_3 j._botanico

Gold museum:

In the Zenú Gold Museum you can learn about  the story, development and the extraordinary legacy of the goldsmiths populations that lived on this plain region long ago: the Zenúes. It’s a great opportunity to learn new spanish vocabulary while doing a cultural activity.

zenu zenu_1 zenu_2


Afternoon on the beach:

One of the things you can do with us on a sunny day is to visit the beach. Take the sun and enjoy the sea. After having fun we will share a typical Caribbean lunch.

tarde_playa tarde_de_playa Tarde_de_playa_Cartagena_4



With this trip you can travel through the natural tunnels of mangroves on board of a native canoe driven by a captain from the village “La Boquilla”.  You will have a great natural experience with your classmates.

manglar_2 manglar_3 manglar_7


St. Peter Claver Museum

The house where this Saint lived and died is now a place full of silence and meditation. Here you can find a set of pre-Columbian pottery and a vast collection of religious art (paintings, sculptures and objects), made by the spanish and american artists from the XVII and XVIII centuries. You can also admire the beautiful baroque church built by german and dutch architects, where the reliques of this Saint are kept in a glass.

s_pedro_1 s_pedro_2 s_pedro_3


The Popa:

If you arrive in Cartagena, you can’t lose the opportunity of climbing the hill called “La Popa”. There you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and you'll find a cloister that is known for having resisted the attacks and bombings in the past.

popa popa_3 visita_a_la_popa



This is a sport in which you use a small narrow boat that is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. With this activity you can have a great time with your friends while enjoying a natural experience.

kayac3 Kayac_4 kayak_tarde

The Naval Museum of the Caribbean:

In this opportunity you can learn about four hundred years of naval, maritime and cultural history of Cartagena, Colombia and the Caribbean. This is the only Naval Museum in Colombia and you can enjoy with tour classmates a historical evening.

naval_2 naval_3 naval_1

Bike afternoon:

One afternoon per week we spend it on a biking city-tour. You can visit places with historical and cultural attractions, and also go to the beach so you can enjoy the sunset while pedaling.

bici_carta_3 bici_carta5 bicicleta

Experience the natural beauty of El Rosario Islands: These islands near Cartagena are widely known for their outstanding beaches and incredible Caribbean coral reefs.  Students can select between scuba lessons or snorkeling to study the amazing marine life protected in the national park.  Additionally, the teacher that leads this fantastic excursion is a professional biologist that provides extensive explanations on the wonders founded in this unique ecosystem.  Learn more about this beautiful national park!

islas_ros_1 isla_el_pirata isla_piarata


Rafael Núñez Museum: 

In this headquarter lived and died Rafael Nuñez, who was a colombian president in four opportunities. This museum aims to preserve and disseminate the historical legacy of this president, and seeks to generate collective memory through the dialogue with the visitors.

nuez_1 nuez_2 nuez_3


Relax with a trip to El Totumo: 

“El Totumo” is a mud volcano approximately 15 meters high. Here you can take a break from your Spanish studies and enjoy a relaxing mud bath locally believed to provide health benefits.  View more photos on Facebook!

totumo_1 totumo_2 totumo


You will visit the ghost town of Galerazamba and the salt mines of that region. Is a beautiful opportunity to know other beaches while visiting a historical town of the Bolivar Department.

galera_2 galera_3 galera_4 galera_7


Learn about the colonial city of Cartagena: 

This town was the main shipping port for the gold collected by the Spaniards all over the South American continent. Historically, Cartagena was one of the main ports for the trade of slaves in South America as well.  Today students can visit a beautiful church built in remembrance of Saint Pedro Claver, a famous “slave of slaves” that lived here.  View more photos on Facebook!

c_vieja_2 c_vieja_5 c_vieja_7


Celebrate in “La Chiva Party” Style: 

La Chiva is a traditional public transportation bus which today is still found in use by peasants in the countryside. In big cities it is a traditional custom to go on a festive “La Chiva” city tour, where party goers tour the city in one of these colorful buses, dancing and enjoying popular music.  View more photos on Facebook!

Chiva_rumbera_Cartagena Chiva_rumbera_cartagena_2 Chiva_rumbera_en_Cartagena


San Felipe de Barajas:

It is a fortress strategically located on the Hill of San Lázaro in order to dominate the approaches of the city by sea. It was built by the Spanish during the colonization. This trip is a great opportunity to know more about the colombian history and to have a nice time with your friends.

san_felipe_1 san_felipe_2 san_felipe_4


Futbol 5:

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and usually we organize soccer matches of futbol 5 with our students where men and women from different nationalities enjoy this popular and beautiful game.

fut_carta_2 fut_carta_3 fut_carta_4

Social Work:

asilo_1 asilo_3 asilo_4

If you are interested in serving a local community and in helping those in need, you can work  with disadvantaged communities. In Cartagena we offer you four possibilities:

  • Shelter “San José”: A home where you can spend time with Third Age homeless. They need the help of Doctors, Psychologists, Managers, and whoever wants to spend time with them listening and learning from their stories. We go there once a month.

  • The children of “Getsemaní”: This children come to our school every thursday. We teach them one hour of english, and one hour of other topics in spanish (arts, music, math, geography…).

  • Funvivir: it’s a medical centrum for children with cancer. Here we do our program of Spanish and Volunteer.

  • In february we make a fundraising in order to buy school supplies. In december we do the same but this time we buy christmas presents for the children that visit us every thursday.


Bingo contests, movies, karaoke, parties to dance salsa, merengue or vallenato:

 Our schools look to provide a wide diversity of activities so you can have fun, get to know your fellow classmates, and improve your Spanish.  View more photos on Facebook!



A great opportunity to enjoy an evening of bowling, good food and a lot of fun with your classmates.

bolos_1 bolos_2 bolos_3

Excursions to other Colombian archaeological or natural parks:

  Colombia is a special place due to its geographical location. It offers a wide variety of parks with unique natural and archaeological diversity.  Nueva Lengua makes it a priority to offer our students the opportunity to get away from the city and gain a better appreciation of range of beauty that is home to over 45 million people.  View more photos on Facebook!

Parque-Arqueolgico- Parque-Arqueolgico_2 Parque-Arqueolgico_3


Stroll through a National Coffee Park: 

 The National Coffee Park is a thematic park, unmatched in Latin America.  Here visitors learn about the rich history of this important commercial product, and the lifecycle from coffee plant to coffee pot.  The park also houses beautiful landscapes and interesting exhibits of fauna and flora.  View the National Coffee Park website!

med._8 med._10 med._14


Delight your senses with Colombian fruits and flowers:

 In Colombia, it is traditional to enjoy fresh fruit juice during meals. Something that our guests enjoy in this country are the fruits that are unknown in other parts of the world with strange names such as curuba, lulo, zapote, guanábana, pithaya, uchuva, feijoa, níspero, tamarindo, and maracuyá.  With this visit you will not only taste all this new flavours, but also you will awaken your sense of sight and smell with the amazing diversity of tropical flowers.  This country is home to the largest number of orchids in the world, with the national flower being the Cattleya trianae orchid.  Learn more about Colombian flora! 


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