Bogota Cultural Activities
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Cultural activities in Bogotá






rafting_bogota Rafting_NL rafting_web

We practice rafting in Rio Negro, a place near Bogota, ideal because of its warm weather and and its beatiful landscapes to live a day of adventure. Our students in rafting


A visit to the Gold Museum

Museo_del_Oro_web Museo_del_Oro_1_web Museo_del_oro_2_web

In this museum students find the world's largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold artifacts. You will see representative samples of the Colombian indigenous cultures. Visit the official web page of the Gold museum and Our students at the Gold museum in Bogotá


A visit to the enchanted Guatavita Lagoon

Actividad_cultural_en_guatavita nueva_lengua_students Study_in_Colombia

This beatiful lagoon is located on the outskirts of Bogota, in the Andes. In this lagoon, the legend of El Dorado began. Name given by the Spanish, English and German explorers to the place where the indigenous tribes offered gold to their gods. Our students at the Guatavita lagoon


A tour of the historical center in Bogota

centro_historico Walking_around_the_historic_centre_of_la_candelaria cambio_de_guardia_web

The Candelaria neighborhood is one of the oldest and most emblematic places in Bogota, in which you find museums, galleries and a big part of Bogota and Colombia's history. Its architecture, with balconies and big wood windows, still preserve the colonial and Spanish style. We invite you to participate in a fantastic tour of these streets, full of Colombian history and culture. 


The Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá


tour_to_the_salt_cathedral catedral_de_sal_1 catedral_de_sal_4

One of the Colombia's architectonical wonders is located 200 meters below ground. A catholic cathedral , built by miners. Our students at the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá


Horseback riding in the mountains

Cabalgata_3 cabalgata_2 Caballos_2_web

Practice horseback riding with your group of friends from the school in the mountains near Bogota, is a different way to contemplate the beauty of the landscape and a big opportunity to have fun. Our students in horseback riding


A tour in bicycle through the city

Plaza_de_mercado tour_por_la_candelaria_en_bicicleta tour_en_bicicleta

Join the thousands of inhabitants who go around the city in bicycle in one of our tours for the city or the "ciclovia". On Sundays almost two millions of people enjoy the 120 kilometers of streets that are enabled for recreation and the practice of sports. Our students in bicycle

“Party in chiva”

chiva chiva_rumbera_1 chiva_rumbera

La Chiva is a traditional mean of transport that is used in the countryside. We will go to party for the city in one of these colorful buses where you can dance and enjoy the popular and traditional music. Our students at a chiva party in Bogotá

Futbol 5

futbol_5_bog_2 Futbol_5_bog futbol_5_bog_1

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and usually we organize soccer matches of futbol 5 with our students where men and women from different nationalities enjoy this popular and beatiful game.


Termales_1 Termales_2 Termales_3

Near Bogota there is a place of ideal relaxation to enjoy the nature and a pleasant bath in thermal water. Many people say this hot and natural water has healing properties. Join us and live this singular experience. 


Choachí waterfalls

Cascada_la_chorrera la_chorrera Choachi_1

An exclusive landscape in the moors together with beatiful green cloud woods lead us to a cannon in a magical place surrounded by nature and one of the highest waterfalls of the country. This trip of about 2 hours walking in which we will share a snack in the house of some farmers from Choachí that will include a sample of the typical food of this region. 



Tejo_1 Tejo_2 Tejo_3

This is a typical sport of Colombia and a clear demosntration of the popular culture. This game consists of introducing a steel disc in a metal circle that has small explosives (mechas) around. The idea of the game is to organize teams and the one who achieves to exploit the largest number of mechas is the winner. This game always goes with a cold and refreshing beer.



Karaoke_1 Karaoke_2_web Karaoke_4

In this activity you can let out your inner singer! ¿Shakira? ¿Juanes? You can sing with your friends. Take a risk and sing a song in Spanish. If you don't know which song can make you famous, don't worry because there is an extensive repertoire with all kinds of music. And to stay in tune, we have a professional video system which allows the participants to see the lyrics from anywhere. 


Excursions to other archaeological parks in Colombia

sanAgustin3 sanAgustin2 San_Agustin_4

Colombia is a special place due to its geographical location that offers a wide variety of parks with unique natural and archaeological diversity. A priority of Nueva Lengua is to offer our students the opportunity to get away from the city and gain a better appreciation of range of beauty that is home to over 45 million people.  View more photos on Facebook!


Special celebrations


dia_del_idioma Halloween navidad

As culture and language always are related, special celebrations also have place in Nueva Lengua and you will be an important part in each one of them: Language day, Love and friendship day, Christmas, New Year, Halloween and so on. 


Film forum


cine_foro_1 cine_foro cine_foro_3

Films are an excelent tool to capture, in a simple way, the world, using both words and gestures. Come to the film forum, an activitiy where you can percieve the reality from different areas and approach to the cultural diversity. Besides you can express your opinion in a guided discussion, a panel and so on. 


Social work


comedor_san_francisco labor_social comedor_san_francisco_1

If you are interested in serving a local community and in helping those in need, you can work  with disadvantaged communities. Helping in a "communitary dining" is a work we do once a month. We invite all our students to take part in this beautiful experience. 


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